FIS Webinar Overview

Why are we running webinars?

We are running webinars to create an interactive experience where judges and officials can learn and share from one another.  These sessions are in addition to the mandatory courses.  It is important to be able to discuss opinions and clarify our collective understanding of how we should be judging within our discipline or conducting ourselves as officials.  

Who will be running them?

These webinars are led &  facilitated by FIS approved judging educators for each discipline.  

Who can attend?

The webinars will be open for all, but we would like that A & B Licensed judges have priority during the webinars.  However, these webinars will be recorded and made available for any judge or official that would like to learn about what was discussed.  

All judges attending a webinar must have completed all courses required in advance. 

Tools used for webinars

Our webinar video conferencing / collaboration tool will be  Zoom

Webinar course materials and pre webinar course work will be offered as Thinkific Webinar Specific Courses