Course curriculum

    1. General information

    1. Turns

    2. Forerunners Women's Turns

    3. Explanation - Women's Turns Test

    4. Women's Turn Test

    5. Forerunners Men's Turns

    6. Men's Turns Test

    7. Explanation - Men's Turns Test

    1. Air

    2. Warm Up Women's Air

    3. Women's Air Test

    4. Explanation - Women's Air Test

    5. Warm Up Men's Air

    6. Men's Air Test

    7. Explanation - Men's Air Test

    1. Things to remember

    2. Next Steps

    3. Your feedback is important to us

About this course

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Freeski Instructor Magnus Ferry

I began my judging career in Freestyle skiing in the beginning of 2000s with the first EC mogul competitions in 2003 and have later also judged a lot of Freeski competitions with the first WC in 2009. I am currently the Technical Committee Chair for Freestyle Skiing in the FISU (International university Sport Federation) and was the Head judge at the Universiades in 2013 and 2015. As a teacher and researcher in sport science at the Department of Education at Umeå University in Sweden, and instructor on a numerous of national judging clinics, I think this platform is going to be a good tool for educating judges on all levels

Freestyle Skiing Instructor Tina Tanaka Sundekvist

Welcome to FIS online education. It is my great pleasure working with you. Although it is a little different from usual FIS judges clinics, you find all the items you need to know before you go up to the judge stand for the events. Please take your time, enjoy, and get ready for this coming winter season.

Snowboard Judges Coordinator Ola Sundekvist

I am happy to be a part of building and updating this judges education learning platform. We, this team of a great crew with big experience in judges world, working together with all education courses on this platform. I have been involved in Judges Educations since 1998 and still learning.