Course curriculum

    1. Aerial General Information

    2. Aerial Scoring

    3. Definition of Different Jumps

    1. Air - Take-off / Height and Distance

    2. Aerial - Take-off / Height and Distance - Quiz

    3. Aerial - Form

    4. Aerial - Form - Quiz

    5. Aerial - Landing

    6. Aerial - Landing - Quiz

    7. Warm Up Women

    8. Warm Up Men

    9. Case 1 bLT Women

    10. Case 1 bLT: Explanations

    11. Case 2 bFFF Women

    12. Case 2 bFFF: Explanations

    13. Case 3 bdFFF Men

    14. Case 3 bdFFF: Explanations

    15. Case 4 bFdFF Men

    16. Case 4 bFdFF: Explanations

    17. Case 5 bFF Women

    18. Case 5 bFF: Explanations

    19. Case 6 bLTF Women

    20. Case 6 bLTF: Explanations

    21. Case 7 bLFF Women

    22. Case 7 bLFF: Explanations

    23. Case 8 bFTF Women

    24. Case 8 bFTF: Explanations

    25. Case 9 bFFF Men

    26. Case 9 bFFF: Explanations

    27. Case 10 bLdFF Men

    28. Case 10 bLdFF: Explanations

    29. Case 11 bFdFF Men

    30. Case 11 bFdFF: Explanations

    31. Case 12 bdFFdF Men

    32. Case 12 bdFFdF: Explanations

    1. Special cases - Aerial (DNF, Re-run, Balk)

    2. DNF, Re-run, Balk - Quiz

    1. Things to remember

    2. Next Steps

    3. Your feedback is important to us

About this course

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Freestyle Skiing Instructor Tina Tanaka Sundekvist

Welcome to FIS online education. It is my great pleasure working with you. Although it is a little different from usual FIS judges clinics, you find all the items you need to know before you go up to the judge stand for the events. Please take your time, enjoy, and get ready for this coming winter season.

Snowboard Judges Coordinator Ola Sundekvist

Happy to be a part of building this education platform. As Judges Coordinator, this team that worked with education have done great work during the summer. Thanks to all of them. For me, been acting as a judge since beginning. With Snowboard, Freestyle Skiing and Freeski. Coordinating judges to events since 1998 and hopefully, with good results.

Freestyle Skiing Instructor Jim Bates

Jim Bates is from Bothell Washington USA Jim received his national judging license in 1981 and FIS A license for Aerials Moguls and Ski Ballet in 1990. He served as an FIS A level Proctor since 1996 representing the USA on the judge’s working group for 10 years and the volunteer regional freestyle director for nearly 10 years. Professionally, Jim is a learning systems architect, instructional designer and instructor for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Structural Engineering organization. Jim studied mechanical engineering at Washington State University and received certification for instructional design and human performance improvement through Seattle Pacific University.