Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Overview

    • Overview

  • 2

    COVID-19 Information

    • COVID-19 Information and Actions for Judges & Officials

  • 3

    Evaluation and Scoring

    • Aerial jumps (1-5)

    • Mogul runs, Turn (1-5)

    • Mogul runs, Air (1-6)

    • Dual Moguls (1-5)

  • 4

    Look on your score cards and answer the questions

    • Aerial Jumps

    • Mogul Runs, Turn

    • Mogul Runs, Air

    • Dual Moguls

  • 5

    Pre-Clinic Course Closeout Actions

    • Your feedback is important to us

    • Next Steps


Freestyle Skiing Instructor

Tina Tanaka Sundekvist

Welcome to FIS online education. It is my great pleasure working with you. Although it is a little different from usual FIS judges clinics, you find all the items you need to know before you go up to the judge stand for the events. Please take your time, enjoy, and get ready for this coming winter season.