Course curriculum

    1. Module Overview

    2. Being Professional

    1. Venue and Judges' Stands

    1. Basic trick ID and mechanisms

    2. Directions of Rotations

    3. No of rotation quiz

    4. Steno

    5. Steno Grabs

    6. Difficulty and excecution of grabs

    7. Steno Grabs Quiz

    8. Steno Rails and Slopestyle

    9. Rail & Slopestyle Steno Quiz

    10. Steno Jumps, Big Air and Halfpipe

    11. Big Air & Halfpipe Steno Quiz

    12. Knee Grabs

    1. Things to remember

    2. Next Steps

    3. Your feedback is important to us

About this course

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Snowboard Judges Coordinator Ola Sundekvist

I am happy to be a part of building and updating this judges education learning platform. We, this team of a great crew with big experience in judges world, working together with all education courses on this platform. I have been involved in Judges Educations since 1998 and still learning.

International Snowboard Judge Instructor (CAN) Marcello Centurione

Been in the game a long time and I love sharing my years of experience with other judges at all levels. What motivates me is to keep finding ways to improve and raise the bar of judging, finding ways to improve the tools and techniques we currently use and educate broadly to raise knowledge and awareness. Always keeping an open mind towards the sport, how we judge, and the perspectives of others involved in our amazing sport.

Snowboard Instructor Gaz Vogan

Gaz started snowboarding in 2004 before becoming a judge in 2014, judging at national level events in the UK, before starting to judge on the World Cup Tour in 2018. Since then, he has judged at a variety of World Cups, the Youth Olympic Games, European Youth Olympic Festival, Winter Universiade as well as Head Judging Europa Cups and the Chinese National Champs. He’s commentated with Eurosport for the 2018 Winter Olympics and coaches young snowboarders on the dry slopes of the UK.